Writer who is traveling around the country s1/e11 Originally from Indiana where his parents had a farm s1/e11 Was inspired as a boy with the book Moby Dick s1/e11 Moved to Chicago at 15 to write his "big story" s1/e11 Worked as a stevedore with Carl Sandburg and met Stephen Crane, (Sherwood) Anderson, (Theodore) Drieser, and (Vachel) Lindsay during his travels s1/e11 Won 2nd place (watch) in his first writing contest, which he sold o Ike for $30 s1/e11 Age 45 during s1/e11 The book Moby Dick that John-Boy reads in this episode was a gift from Tommy Trindall in The Carnival(season one, episode two). s1/e11 A movie is filmed at the Tabor place and along the Rockfish River based on A.J.'s writings s4/e11 He makes $150 a week in New York City as a writer employed by the Long Island Studios David Huddleson also appears in The Homecoming: A Christmas Story as Sheriff Ep Bridges Blooper: At the end of The Literary Man, the voiceover states they were never to hear from AJ Covington again, yet the character then appears in the storyline of a further episode: The Abdication. APPEARANCE The Literary Man ,The Abdication,

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