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One Sunday in February was the beginning of a very long and frightening leadup towards Easter. Olivia became ill after church and it was determined that she had polio. She, and her family refused to believe that she would never walk again and although the whole family were scared by the knowledge that Livvy might never fully recover, they provided her with much needed support.

From her bed Olivia helps Mary Ellen prepare for her first dance, making her a dress and helping her to teach G.W. to dance. Jason is also preparing for an amateur contest which he hopes to win and has written a song for it which he practises. He has based it on the rhythm Grandma gets when she's ironing.

John Boy was instrumental in finding out as much as he could about new polio treatments, and these were tried on Olivia, but it seems as if all their efforts are in vain and that his mother will have to begin getting used to the well meaning gift the Baldwin sisters delivered to her...a wheelchair. She does get up to walk by Easter, however, when she gets out of bed to go to tend to Elizabeth, whom she believes has called out to her.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • This two part episode has aired in Australia as a movie called A Walton Crisis.
  • LOOK FOR: The song sung by Jason in this episode for the talent show, called Ironing Board Blues. It was written and performed by Jon Walmsley.
  • LOOK FOR: The Ladies Guild at Olivia's church delivering a beautiful friendship quilt to her during this episode. They have each signed their name in the square they have sewn.


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