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Ben Walton
Family Zebulon Walton (Grandfather), Esther Walton (Grandmother), John Walton (Father), Olivia Walton (Mother), John-Boy Walton, Jason Walton, James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (brothers), Mary-Ellen Walton, Erin Walton, Elizabeth Walton (sisters), Cindy Brunson (Wife), Virginia Walton (Daughter), Charles Walton (Son)
Occupation Works at Sawmill with his father
Played By Eric Scott
Status Alive

For the son of Zebulon and Esther Walton, please see Benjamin Walton.

Ben Walton is one of Olivia and John Walton's children. He was named after John's brother, who died in the first World War. He always seems to be the one in the family who is always trying to make money by some type of scheme, and usually gets himself into trouble and has to be bailed out by his father or John-Boy. Even as an adult, running the mill in partnership with his father, he continues to make deals which sometimes don't work out well. He elopes to marry Cindy and together they have two children, Virginia and Charlie, to whom he is devoted. He continues to work at and run the timber mill with an assortment of people: his father, Paul Northridge, Erin's husband and Drew.

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