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This episode is set not long before Christmas in 1941. Mary Ellen is discussing with Olivia, her move to Pearl Harbor to be with Curt. Other family members and friends are talking of their own plans for the day and the coming times. During the afternoon though, news comes across the radio, that Pearl Harbor has been attacked. Not knowing whether Curt has been involved or not, all the Walton family members head home to wait for further news.

As the war hits home to Waltons Mountain, each of the Walton boys discuss which of the forces they would like to join. Olivia comes to realize that the war now means that she will need to watch her boys head off one by one to the war. John makes it clear though, that for the time being he needs their help at the mill. War is officially declared on Japan, and Verdie arrives to say that her Jody was only injured during the bombing. When Jim Bob arrives home it is with a telegram for Mary Ellen, telling her the grim news, that Curt was killed while taking care of others wounded in the attack. Grandma comes out with a letter addressed to John Curtis, from his father, which had been given to her keeping before Curt went off to war. In the letter Curt praises the Walton family for their individual strengths and informs his young son of the love and kindness within the family. Although John Curtis has been given life and love, everything else, his father writes, you must earn yourself.

We meet Cindy, for the first time, in this episode, as she arrives to pick Ben up for their date. Olivia doesn't seem very impressed with her, telling John that she looks "suggestive".

Recurring Role

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey

Lynn Hamilton as Verdie Foster

Guest Cast


NOTE: Breaking with the "Goodnight John Boy" tradition, this episode contained no goodnights.

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