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Erin Esther Walton Northridge
Family Benjamin Walton (Uncle)Esther Walton (Grandma),John Walton (father),Olivia Walton (mother),John Jr.Walton,Jason Walton,Ben Walton,James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (brothers),Mary-Ellen Walton ,Elizabeth Walton (sisters),Paul Northridge (husband),Susan Northridge,Amanda Northridge (daugthers), Peter Northridge (son)

Played By Mary Elizabeth McDonough
Status Alive

Erin Ester Walton (born December 1921)

It seems that Erin's best friend is her oldest sister Mary Ellen since she's almost always with her. In the early few seasons, Erin LOVED to tattle on Mary Ellen and Mary Ellen LOVED to call her names back. But in about season 3 or 4, they realized that they had been the other's best friend all their lives and finally began to show their love for each other as in season 4's "The Competition." Erin is close to Elizabeth too, giving her lots of great big sister advice. Most notably in season 9's "The Indescretion," she tells her youngest sister her story of her with her former boyfriend Ashley Longworth and advises Elizabeth not to spend a night with her boyfriend, Drew. Erin is close to all her brothers too. Erin is considered to be the pretty one in the family, not the scholar. She falls in love many times and becomes especially fond of Ashley Longworth Junior, who breaks her heart when he leaves and marries someone else. She eventually meets Paul Northridge, who she marries and finds happiness with him. They have 3 children together before they divorce. She works as a telephonist and later as a secretary.

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