Mrs. Florence (Flossie) Brimmer played by Norma Marlowe first appared The Triangle s1/e14 Owner of local boarding house Miss Hunter is one of her boarders s2/e14 Boards Porter Sims for awhile, until he moves out to the Baldwin house s4/e5 Buys fish from Jim Bob for Saturday supper for her boarders s4/e5 Tells Jim Bob that the children came over to her house the night he was born s4/e16 Mrs. Brimmer take in Zeb and Esther while the Walton's house is being rebuilt after the fire s4/e18 Eye witness to Judge Thornbury drunkenly driving his car into Rockfish soda shop s5/e1 Brother-in-law Willie, wife Marta, daughter Katrina (relocated from Germantown, PA, live in old Montgomery place) s6/s14. Has a nice Patsy Brimmer Died before The Empty Nest s7/e1

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