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Jason is struggling to compose a piece for his final music exams. The piece needs to be a classically based piece, but it just isn't going right. He keeps being interrupted by his well meaning family, and finally he arrives at the Baldwin's home, hoping for peace and quiet. They, however, are considering how their historical papers and other things should be looked after following their deaths, and the big question...Who should be entrusted with "the recipe"? They decide that perhaps a celebration for the pioneers of the mountain is in order. They have found an old document showing that their family was the first on the mountain. Perhaps it should be called Baldwin's Mountain, they claim. A little while later Ike Godsey comes up with a record from his family, which shows that it was his ancestor who was the first settler, and so perhaps it should be called Godsey's Mountain!

Grandma finally produces her own family relic, Rome Walton's diary, where it says that Fitius Baldwin arrived during Rome's "second freezing winter on the Mountain in the year 1766", bring with him "the finest whiskey he had ever tasted", and later that " Isaac Walton took supper during Rome's tenth year on the Mountain". Having settled this it is agreed that the Founder's Day celebration be held at the Walton home.

Jason continues to struggle with his composition, and finally confides in his father, saying that he is finding the rigid rules set down very confining. John listens and then tells him to follow his heart and so Jason finally comes up with a new composition with a more "mountain" feel to it, which he calls Appalachian Portrait. When Jason shows his professor at Klineberg Conservatory though, he is very angry that Jason has not followed the classical musical conventions stipulated. Jason invites him to the Founder's Day celebrations, an invitation that John also extends, but the Professor seems unbending. Elizabeth leaves him with a book, hoping to show him where Jason is coming from. Professor Bowen does finally arrive for the celebrations, congratulates Jason on his composition, which Jason then plays.

During Jason's playing of the Appalachian Portrait, there is a lengthy monologue by John Boy as a man describing his family and neighbours:

"Grandpa, in memory I touch your face, a distance from me now, I feel you near. The Coyote will disappear from the earth, and the whooping crane will follow the passenger pigeon, but you will endure through all of time. Grandma, I touch your hand, and when I do I touch the past. I touch all the small ships that brought us to this country, and all the strong brave women who faced a frontier and made it home.

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  • The Waltons say that Rome Walton was the first settler on Walton's Mountain, arriving in 1765.
  • The Baldwins say Fitius Baldwin was the first settler in the area.
  • Ike says that his ancestor, Isaac Edelbert Godsey, was the first settler on Walton's Mountain.

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