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Jason is set to graduate from the Kleinberg Conservatory, but he needs to write a composition that his stuffy teacher, Professor Bowen, will like. After hours of frustration, he vows it would be better to be original than obsequious; his “Appalachian Portrait” is a work of flowing beauty and majesty, but will it get a A? Only until he performs it at the first annual Founders’ Day celebration on Waltons Mountain, and Bowen makes a last-minute appearance, does he find out that his master is pleased.

Subplot involves the aforementioned Founders Day: originally intended as a way of celebrating everyone’s pioneer forbears, it quickly devolves into a snippy contest of “who got here first” bragging rights. Only John stands up as the voice of reason and reprimands everyone for being so catty.

Features special extended version of Earl Hamner’s traditional closing narration, which celebrates the history and legacy of the close circle of family and friends on Waltons Mountain.

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