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Jason Walton
Family Zebulon Walton (Grandfather),Esther Walton (Grandmother),John Walton (Father),Olivia Walton (Mother),John Jr.Walton,Ben Walton,James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (brothers),Mary-Ellen Walton ,Erin Walton ,Elizabeth Walton (sisters) ,Antonette Hazleton (Wife),Roy Walton,Merle Walton,Tyler Walton (Sons),Patsy Walton,Loretta Walton (Daughters)
Occupation Music Composition,Owner of the Dew Drop Inn
Played By Jon Walmsley
Status Alive

Jason Walton (born 1918)

Jason is 2 years younger than John-Boy but seems to be continually trying to catch up with him. He sometimes feels that John-Boy is perfect and that he needs to be perfect too. Though John-Boy and Jason often fight, they share a very close brother/best friend relationship. Especially after John-Boy went away to college, the two became very close. Jason has a great relationship with his other brothers too. Jason and Ben often take their girlfriends and go on double dates. Jason gives great advice to Jim Bob and encourages him to reach his full potential. And of course, Jason loves his sisters a lot as well. He also finds it difficult when his father expects him to join him at working in the mill when he finishes high school.

Jason is very musical, and decides to study music seriously. He earns a scholarship to study at the Klineberg Conservatory. At times he plays as a part of a group, both singing gospel music on the radio, and also playing at dances.

He eventually takes over the Dew Drop Inn and marries Toni, a woman he met whilst in the army. They have 5 children, all named after different country/western singers of that time.

Jason's personality is very easygoing, patient, kind, calm even in a crisis, friendly but shy and most of all loving. He is friends with many people and has few enemies.

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