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Business is really quiet at the mill, and money is tight at the Walton home so John takes an office job in Charlottesville, working in a government job. When he arrives at work he discovers that the job isn't really what he expected: everyone is instructed to work quietly; the windows are not allowed to be opened and everyone has to stay until the supervisor leaves for the evening, even though working hours officially finish at 6 p.m. John is told by a co-worker that the reason he was employed was to try to push out an older worker who has been there for twenty odd years, and is really just biding time to get his pension. All in all John finds the office a difficult place to work, and Olivia finds being at home all day, by herself, very difficult as well. Zeb is also missing his partner: Esther is apparently in hospital in Charlottesville and he is finding that the Walton children are outgrowing the need for his company. However he finds Elizabeth a willing companion on his adventures, although Olivia is not as keen, claiming that Zeb should not be trying to make Elizabeth into a boy!

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