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John-Boy Walton
Family Zebulon Walton, (grandfather), Esther Walton, (grandmother), John Walton, (father), Olivia Walton, (mother), Jason Walton, Ben Walton, James Robert Walton, (brothers), Mary-Ellen Walton, Erin Walton, Elizabeth Walton, (sisters), Wade Walton, (second cousin), Corabeth Walton-Godsey, (distant cousin), Boone Walton, (1st cousin 1x removed), Wade Walton, (second cousin), Floyd Walton, (second cousin 1x removed)
Occupation Writer
Played By Richard Thomas

Robert Wightman

Status Alive

John Lee "John-Boy" Walton Jr. (born 1916)

John Walton Jr. is the eldest boy in the Walton Family. He is more commonly referred to as "John-Boy".

He is a very sensitive young man who aspires to be a writer, an ambition which he does in fact succeed at. When he graduates from the local high school, and earns a scholarship to Boatwright University, where he majors in Journalism. He has many part time jobs, one of which is the running and writing of the Blue Ridge Chronicle, his own local newspaper. He eventually goes to the war zones to write war reports for a large newspaper.

He is also very family-orientated and has a special relationship with his brothers and sisters, especially young Elizabeth. Although he respects both his parents and grandparents, he is also stubborn enough to do what he feels is right, even if it means going against their wishes.

He eventually marries Janet Gilchrist, a magazine editor from New York, with whom he has two children in A Walton's Easter; a twin son and daughter.

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