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John Curtis Willard
Family John Walton (Grandfather),Olivia Walton (Grandma),Curtis Willard (father),Mary-Ellen Walton (mother),John Jr.Walton,Jason Walton,Ben Walton,James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (uncles),Erin Walton ,Elizabeth Walton,Vanessa Willard (Aunts),Jonesy Jones(Step-father),Clay Jones (Half brother),Katie Jones (Half sister)

Played By Michael and Marshall Reed
Status Alive

Named after his Grandfather and Father



His Father Curtis Willard abondoned and Mary-Ellen when he was a baby.  [THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!]...


His father, Curtis Willard, MD, was killed while performing heroic duty by tending the wounded when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 . This left his young wife Mary-Ellen a widow when John Curtis was still just a baby. [ACTUALLY, Curt did abandon them and let Mary Ellen think he was dead. She discovers he is still alive in Florida but changed so much because of the war, he thought it best to stay dead. They divorce and Mary Ellen marries Jonesy. "The Tempest" Season 9, Ep. 9"]

Season 6Edit

Born during The Grandchild s6/e7

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