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John Walton
Family Zebulon Walton (Father),Esther Walton (Mother),Benjamin Walton (Brother),Olivia Walton (Wife),John Jr.Walton ,Jason Walton,Ben Walton,James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (Sons),Mary-Ellen Walton ,Erin Walton ,Elizabeth Walton (Daugthers)
Occupation Lumber
Played By Ralph Waite
Status Alive

John, and his wife Olivia eloped, we are told, and they celebrate several anniversaries over the course of the series, their 25th being during Season 6. John is not a church-going man, preferring to believe and worship his own way. With his father he runs the lumber mill, and has earnt the reputation of being an honest, hard working, reliable and kind man. He is "Daddy" to his seven children and they often turn to him for his kindly advice and support - and are often turned to him for a spanking! He also seems to have quite romantic ideas such as taking his wife away on a honeymoon which they could never afford when first married. His one dream is to build another Walton home up on the mountain, to replace the one which burned down. He likes nothing better than to be up on the mountain whenever he can.

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