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Mary-Ellen Walton Willard Jones
Family Zebulon Walton (Grandfather), Esther Walton (Grandmother), Benjamin Walton (uncle), John Walton (father),Olivia Walton (mother),John-Boy Walton, Jason Walton, Ben Walton, James Robert Walton, Joseph Walton (brothers), Erin Walton, Elizabeth Walton (sisters),Curtis Willard(ex-husband),Jonesy Jones(husband),John Curtis Willard (son),Clay Jones (son),Katie Jones (daughter)
Occupation Nurse
Played By Judy Norton Taylor
Status Alive


Mary Ellen Walton (born 1920) is the eldest daughter and the third child of John and Olivia Walton.

In childhood, Mary Ellen was a tomboy, who aspired to become a nurse. While Mary Ellen is very much a tomboy in the early shows, she could also be very dramatic and whiny and girly at times too. She always had a strong relationship with her sisters Erin and Elizabeth. Erin and Mary Ellen sometimes seemed like they hated each other in the early shows, but Erin became the best friend Mary Ellen had ever had. This is truly shown in Season 7's "The Empty Nest" when the two girls are in Elizabeth and Erin's room. The two tell each other how much they'll miss each other if Mary Ellen stays on the mountain and Erin moves with the family to Richmond. Mary Ellen is about to cry and they hug each other. Elizabeth and Mary Ellen are close too. In particular in Season 9's "The Pledge" when Mary Ellen is wanting to be a doctor and the people won't let her since she's a woman, Elizabeth tells her oldest sister how she remembers her as a very young child. "You were always moving, always doing something" Elizabeth says. She kisses her sister's cheek and tells her she thinks she should pursue her dream of doctoring, which she does. Mary Ellen is close to all her brothers as well. Mary Ellen and John-Boy come close to blows at times since both are strong-willed and hot-headed, but they are always there for each other. Jason and Mary Ellen are close too, as she is close to Ben and Jim Bob. She meets her future husband, Curt Willard, when he comes to practice medicine in the Waltons Mountain community. She is working as his nurse, and is engaged to someone else. Their baby, John Curtis, is born after a hard labor in "The Grandchild" and shortly after Curt is sent to war as part of the medical corps. Tragedy strikes when Curt is reported as being missing, presumed dead, and Mary Ellen becomes a single mother. She is very protective of John Curtis, perhaps overly so at times. She eventually meets and marries her second husband, Jonesy, and finds great happiness for herself and John Curtis with him. She and Jonesy have Clay and Katie through their marriage, giving John Curtis 2 siblings. She also decides to return to study as a doctor and ends up delivering Jason's first baby Roy Walton, She also delivers Jason's daughter Patsy Walton and John-Boy's twins.


In the early seasons, Mary Ellen was very dramatic, whiny and selfish, For example, In The Minstrel, She complains about not being able to go to Virginia Beach with her friends, talks back to John and runs away to join a minstrel named Jamie, Then In The Quilting, She refuses to have anything to do with a quilting that Grandma has planned, driving a brief rift between her and her grandmother. In the later seasons, After marrying Curtis Willard, giving birth to John Curtis and becoming a nurse, she matures into a wiser woman.

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