Mothers Day on Waltons Mountain is the second Waltons reunion movie that aired in 1982.


As her wedding with Jonesy approaches, Mary-Ellen has all she could ever ask for, except Olivia. Unfortunately, during her and Jonsey's honeymoon there is a serious accident that results in Mary-Ellen becoming barren. She is deeply upset by this and does not tell anyone, including Jonesy, about her condition. She even lashes out at Cindy about Charlie being so healthy. Eventually, she is able to talk to Olivia and tells her that she went through the same thing and that she should talk to Jonsey about it. After careful consideration, Mary-Ellen decides to inform Jonsey on the situation, and he comforts her.

Meanwhile, Aimee Godsey has returned home and has been flirting with Elizabeth's boyfriend Drew which causes tension between the two friends. Despite this incident, they eventually make up.

Another subplot shows Ben upset that Cindy's mom took Virginia to the hotel they are staying at while waiting to take Charlie home.

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