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Olivia Walton
Family Frances Daly (Sister)
Zebulan Walton (Father-in-law)
Esther Walton (Mother-in-law)
Benjamin Walton (Brother-in-law)
Unknown Walton (Brother or Sister-in-law)
John Walton (Husband)
John Jr.Walton (Son)
Jason Walton (Son)
Mary-Ellen Walton (Daughter)
Ben Walton (Son)
Erin Walton (Daughter)
James Robert Walton (Son)
Joseph Walton (Son)
Elizabeth Walton (Daughter)
Rose Burton (cousin)
Occupation Housewife
Played By Michael Learned
Status Alive

Olivia Walton is the wife of John Walton, and mother to the Walton children. She's the Walton household's homemaker, and is called "Mama" by her family.

She is also a very religious woman and finds great comfort in reading her Bible.

She supports John in all he does and is a very firm mother to her children, never tolerating any nonsense from them, and always expecting them to pitch in and help each other.

She is usually calm and collected, and passes it off as a bad day whenever she loses her temper. Olivia takes great joy in raising and nurturing her children, and is greatly upset when she learns that due to health reasons she should have no more children.

She contacts tuberculosis and is sent to recuperate away from her family, and she misses them greatly. In "A Walton Wedding" Olivia has become more liberated and has decided that she needs to go back to school so that she can learn more about her country.

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