During the first 6 seasons, most of the Walton children are under 19, and live with Olivia, John, Esther and Zeb. Many time in these seasons are the children threatened with punishment, or given punishment. Some punishments mentioned, threatened and given are:

  • Spankings. In the episode 'The Calf', John tells Elizabeth and Jim-Bob to expect a spanking - however, they do not recieve one. Plus, Esther often mentions 'scorching their bottoms' and 'giving a hand to their bottoms', and swats at the children on a number of occasions. If he does spank them he pulls down their underwear
  • Switchings. On several occasions, John and Olivia threaten the children with a switching, as does Esther. Grandpa is a lot calmer about it, but in a season two episode, John says "The last time I disagreed with my father was when I was seven years old, and it was cured pretty quick with a peach switch.", which hints that Zeb (Grandpa) did discipline him.
  • Reading the bible. In a Season one episode, Olivia makes Mary Ellen read 10 verses of the bible for wearing a VERY short dress given to her by a circus performer.
  • Being sent to bed early. This is threatened many times, and given once or twice, mainly in seasons one, two and three.

As mentioned before, it seems that Grandma, Olivia and John do most of the punishing, but Zeb (Grandpa) was a disciplinary figure to his own children.

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