John, John-Boy, and Grandpa go to the train depot in Rockfish to help the carnival folks s1/e2 John-Boy and A.J. Covington unload an order of lumber s1/e11 The town about six miles from Walton's Mountain s2/e14.

  • Rockfish Crossing Depot The train depot in the town of Rockfish where the freight train is scheduled to stop every night at 9:30 pm s1/e2

Rockfish is about six miles from Walton's Mountain. The train from Rockfish to Richmond leaves at 6:30 pm s2/e21 C&C Railroad washes out at a trestle near the Depot s4/e14

  • Trestle at Rockfish The train trestle, or bridge supported by towers, just outside of Rockfish s1/e2

First Appared The Carnival

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