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Spring has arrived with the Waltons in the middle of their spring cleaning, Jim Bob and Ben fighting over each other's girls and Miss Mamie Baldwin thinking that signs this spring are indicating that this will be the last spring she sees.

Miss Emily drives very erratically into the Walton yard, to ask for Grandpa's help urgently. Their rose bush is covered with aphids and is in danger of dying, but Miss Mamie is taking this as a sign that this will be her last spring. He also discovers that their Grandfather clock has suddenly stopped too, and Miss Mamie thinks this is another sign that her time has come. She wants Grandpa to be the executor of her will, but he just wants to give her the will to live again. He suggests how they can help the rose bush and they try his remedy. Unfortunately it doesn't work and Grandpa ends up admitting to them that, yes, it is dying.

Grandpa invites the ladies to go on the annual Walton picnic, signalling the end of the spring cleaning, and it is during the picnic that Mamie does find joy in life once more.

Meanwhile Ben and Jim Bob become very jealous of each other, when they start trying to impress each other's girlfriends. Ben is trying to attract Patsy Brimmer, and Jim Bob the slightly older Ruby Davis. Gradually the jealousy becomes so bad that Ben becomes enraged when he sees Jim Bob's arm around Ruby and he goes to hit him. He misses, but Jim Bob retaliates and hits Ben squarely in the face. Ruby races to Ben's side and Patsy helps Jim Bob to get up.

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