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An old writer friend of John Boy's returns to Waltons Mountain, where a film company is making the screenplay that he wrote. The people of Waltons Mountain who are watching the dramatic scenes being filmed begin laughing at the way the scenes have been written. John Boy explains that this is just not the way the people of the mountain speak, unless they are making jokes. John Boy is then asked to rewrite the speech to make it more authentic, and the director ends up firing John Boy's writer friend, and asking John Boy to move to New York to work with him. John Boy must then decide whether the time is right for this move.

Mary Ellen, meanwhile is quite taken with one of the men helping to organise the making of the film, and romance blooms for her. This episode also details the events leading up to the abdication of Edward the Eighth, King of England, who is facing the decision of losing the one he loves and remain the King of England, or abdicating so that he may continue his romance with Mrs Simpson, the American divorcee.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • A.J. Covington first appeared during season 1, but was played by a different actor.


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