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Alvira Drummond, a famous actress, arrives on Waltons Mountain and is forced to stay there when her Cadillac breaks down. John Boy meets her when he has been asked by her driver, to help tow the car to a garage for repairs. The driver, however, is tired of her tantrums and not being paid his wages, and takes off, leaving Alvira on the mountain with nowhere to stay. John Boy invites her to come home with him and she is asked to stay while the car is being repaired. Needless to say, the Walton family have never quite met anyone like her before and some of her comments and ways are quite new to them.

When Alvira discovers that her chauffeur has absconded, she tells the family that he has taken all of her money and jewelry, leaving her with nothing. When she phones her agent for help though, and asks him to send her the money for a train fare, he hangs up on her and Fanny Tatum spreads the news around. Miss Emily Baldwin pops in with a gift of the recipe and after Alvira becomes drunk, Olivia declares that she should leave. Whilst the adults are talking harshly about her, she overhears and decides that she needs to make changes to her life. With the Walton family behind her she is encouraged to raise money for her train fare home by giving the people of Waltons Mountain a one woman show. It is during this show that she reads a piece out of John Boy's journal.

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