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The Walton family befriends an air mail pilot who is forced to land because of engine trouble. He is invited to stay until he is able to fix his plane. Olivia becomes fascinated with the thought of flying. The young pilot tells the family that he is not married, but they find out otherwise when his wife rings the general store and eventually comes to Waltons Mountain. Apparently they are expecting a baby and Todd feels as though he will be tied down forever more. John helps him to see reason and the two are a couple once more.

As it is Olivia's birthday each of the family members gives her a present: John Boy gives his present to her by reading her a poem. The poem is about a bird flying high in the sky and feeling the wind in its wings. Todd, the air mail pilot then gives her a huge thrill by taking her for a ride in his plane, which the family have helped to get flying again.

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