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Grandma is troubled by age and suffers from a hearing loss, as she nears her 68th birthday, but will not do anything about it, fearing that if she does she is admitting that she is getting old. Meanwhile Mary Ellen falls in love for the first time, when she falls for a college student whom she meets whilst he is fishing. He gives her her first kiss and she falls in love.

Now that Mary Ellen is growing up she decides that she needs a room of her own and asks to move into the shed. What she didn't know, however, that John Boy had asked his father for the shed as well. Needless to say, problems arise when they both find that the other is moving their things into the shed. John Boy naturally feels that he has the right to the room because he is older.

With Mary Ellen pretending to be older than she really is, she is heartbroken and embarrassed when Grandma has told her beau that she was not at home because she was at school with the other children and she flies out of the house in a rage. John Boy is just walking in though, with a big bunch of flowers that he has bought from Ike for Grandma's birthday. He thinks that Mary Ellen would be better off with them though, and so gives them to her.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • LOOK FOR: Zeb revealing that he used to call Esther "Sissy" and that she was 18 when she met Zeb. She had dreams of opening her own dress shop in Richmond.
  • LOOK FOR: Esther commenting that she has born 3 children. They would be John, his brother Ben killed in World War 1 and a daughter, who I think died of diphtheria


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