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The war seems to be coming closer to Waltons Mountain with the Army setting up camp nearby and playing their "war games". Olivia is trying to paint different places which mean something to her. She is intending to enter them in an art show. She hopes to be able to allow future generations to see Waltons Mountain as it is now, before it changes too much with the war.

The Walton family find though that having the Army close by can be quite difficult. Fish are killed in Drucilla's Pond because of a grenade going off, and Chance has her calf after being frightened by the Army exploding some dynamite. Both Olivia and Zeb are dismayed about what is happening at Waltons Mountain.

Olivia attends the art show and discovers that all of her paintings have been bought, although she is a little disappointed that she has not won the cash prize. That honour went to Maude Gormley. However, when looking for something in the attic, she discovers all her paintings, and is angry with John, thinking that he had bought them all. However it was Grandpa who had bought them, telling her that he admired them, and simply wished to have them as a legacy to pass down through the family as a memory of what Waltons Mountain was like when he lived there.

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