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An old beau of Grandma's makes contact with her, expressing his condolences on Zeb's passing. He seems to understand exactly how she feels, having gone through the similar experiences of losing his life partner, and also having suffered a stroke some years before. The older couple begin dating, much to Elizabeth's dismay. Grandma seems to look on the relationship more as a friendship than anything else, but Marcus Dane seems to be looking ahead to making a new life with Esther. She, on the other hand, comes to realise that her heart is on the mountain and with Zeb.

When Corabeth announces to Jim Bob, that petrol rationing is about to be introduced, he considers the possibility of being able to fuel cars with alcohol. He persuades Yancy Tucker to use his moonshine still to make this alcohol. An alcoholic fuel is finally made and Jim Bob's car does indeed run with it. John, however, is concerned about the fact that they made the still in the first place, irrespective of the fact that it was designed and built to make fuel. Finally, during the last few minutes of the show, we are told that Chance came upon the still and is now in the barn drunk!

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