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There is great excitement in the Walton household when Grandma receives the news that an old friend had died and left her an unexpected bequest of $250. Naturally everyone has ideas as to how she should spend it, but she eventually decides to share her new found wealth by spending some to fix the church roof, $3 to each of the children, and the rest would go towards John Boy's education. Having decided all of this, they decide to spend their savings on a new water heater and to get Grandpa's watch repaired. All the children are excited about the prospect of spending their $3 and John Boy decides that he would like to do something special for Grandma, and so takes her to visit the University where he hopes to eventually be able to attend. Whilst there Grandma sees what she considers to be an ideal course for John Boy...The Bible as Literature. What else would a young man in the 1930's need to know!

Finally though, the letter that they have all been waiting for, from the solicitors settling the estate, arrives. Grandma is shocked to read, however, that all of the, bequested money has gone paying her friend's debts. Grandma is terribly ashamed that she has to go back on her promises, and takes to her room. Her family and friends pull together though, to fix the church roof themselves and Grandpa sells his beloved watch to replace the savings they spent on the new water heater.

Meanwhile, Martha Rose arrives at Ike's store with newly dyed blonde hair, that she has had professionally done, and Mary Ellen is most envious. Ike tells Mary Ellen that she could do a home dying job with things she could buy from the store, but first she tries it out on poor Jim Bob, with not so terrific results!

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