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As the Walton family are preparing for what Olivia and John feel might be their last Christmas with them altogether as a family, the bad weather and other emergencies seem to be against everyone all being there. Curt and Mary Ellen had made tentative plans to visit and spend Christmas with Curt's family, a tree falling through the Church roof keeps John and Jason busy all Christmas Eve, Grandma and Grandpa have become stranded in Charlottesville by the snow which fell during their visit to Maude Gormley, Erin is kept at the telephone exchange when Miss Fanny fails to return to relieve her, and John Boy is busy wading in freezing cold water trying to free Miss Fanny and her niece from their car which ran off the road and into the river. It certainly does not look as if Olivia's wish will come true and that all her family will be present on Christmas morning.

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