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Olivia has been asked to sing a solo with the church choir, and this requires that she practice each afternoon. She is feeling very restless and tied down so accepts the invitation. When she sees a bicycle that Ike has been fixing up, she can't resist the urge to try it out, and on her way to her rehearsals, she dreams that one day she will become a famous opera singer.

At the same time, Ann Harris arrives on the mountain to marry Curtis Norton, to whom she has been writing for some time. Unbeknownst to Ann though, is that it has been John Boy who has been writing the letters. Well not exactly writing the letters, but helping Curtis to find different, and more romantic ways to say what he is feeling in his heart. Ann finds Curtis, his house and his life on Waltons Mountain a bit of a disappointment though and not at all as she had imagined. She had imagined a movie-like marriage on Waltons Mountain. She is ready to leave Curtis, when she discovers that it was not Curtis writing the letters at all. She is angry that both John Boy and Curtis have deceived her but, with Olivia's help, she finally realises that life is not like the movies, and that even movie stars don't speak their own lines. She takes off on Olivia's bike to try and catch Curtis to tell him that she really wants to stay with him.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • The characters of Curtis and Ann Norton appear again in Season 2 in the episode The Fulfillment.


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