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When dropping John and Olivia off at the bus station, John Boy meets a young girl, 12-year-old Muffin, who tells him that she has run away from her stepfather who beat her and her mother, but she has become separated from her mother during their travels. John-Boy takes her home, and all of the Waltons, apart from Grandpa, take her and her plight, to their hearts. Grandpa, however, remains quite suspicious of her story. She has come into their lives at a time when John Boy is beginning to feel as though his younger brothers and sisters are becoming so independent that they no longer want his advice, so he is quite happy that Muffin seems to need him. As the story unfolds we discover, however, that Muffin is trying to raise money to get her swindler grandfather out of jail. She uses a variety of cons to try to raise this money, and is generally successful, until she tries it just once to often with the wrong people.

Recurring Role

  • John Crawford as Sheriff Bridges

Guest Cast



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