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Just before Grandpa's 73rd birthday, Zeb has a mild heart attack, and his doctor advises rest. Grandma has bought two tickets for a lecture on Tahiti, which is to be given at Boatwright University, and refuses to believe that they will not be able to go. It seems though that Zeb just loses the will to live. The Doctor says that he is recovering, but Zeb considers that he will never recover and even goes so far as to ask John Boy to go and select a tombstone for him. Both John and John Boy are very angry with him, telling him that they don't want him to just waste away. To try to bring him back to the family, the Waltons set a tent up outside among the flowers and trees that Grandpa loves. Even though the Doctor disagrees with their plan, they go ahead and move Grandpa's bed and Grandpa out there and slowly he starts to recover and take an interest in the family and the world once more.Having missed both his birthday and the Tahiti lecture though, they give Grandpa a belated birthday cake, and John Boy arranges to borrow the slides to show the whole family and reads the lecture for them.

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  • NOTE 1: We are told that it is the spring of 1935.


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