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John Boy joins a writing class at school, but seems to feel as though his writing is immature and not really up to the standard of the others. So when Olivia submits some of John Boy's stories to a publisher, after seeing an advertisement for work to be submitted, he becomes very excited and lets the class know that he has successfully submitted some stories. He receives a letter back saying that they would be interested in publishing these stories and asking for more. When the first copies of the book are finally sent to John Boy though, a bill has been enclosed. They publish anything so long as the person will pay!

John Boy is further embarrassed about the situation though, when a radio interview is set up to interview him as a new writer who has made it. During the interview he explains the circumstances of his published book and also the disappointment it has been.

Meanwhile Jason is playing his new harmonica in Ike's store, when he is "discovered" by the agent of Bobby Bigelow, who invites him to audition. Jason does indeed get the job and continues to play for Bobby Bigelow's band whenever they are in town.

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