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As a journalism student, John-Boy is given the job of showing around Porter Sims, a reporter who is writing a guide book about Virginia. He says though that he doesn't just want to see the historical sites that John Boy wants to show him, he also wants to meet the people of the community. He claims that everyone has something that they don't want to talk about. John Boy suggests that he meet the elderly Baldwin sisters, but Grandpa is not keen, fearing that Sims may uncover something that will bring shame on their memories of their father, Judge Baldwin.

The ladies are so taken with Sims that they allow him to read the private papers and journals of their father. In the papers Sims finds papers which say that the Judge harbored Union soldiers in his house and that he was charged with treason against the Confederacy. Miss Mamie is particularly distraught by this and both ladies take to their rooms and vow to live a reclusive life. This upsets John Boy and he orders Sims to leave. There appears to be no way to clear their father's name because it seems that the war ended before the case could come to trial. Further investigation reveals that their father helped both sides during the Battle of Rockfish by taking wounded from both sides into his home until they had recovered. Sims called it a heroic act and that he was a compassionate man. Letters from both sides were sent on his behalf to help to clear his name and the charges were dropped.


(John-Boy reads Sims' article for his book):

In the Battle Of Rockfish Creek during the War Between the States a gallant young Confederate officer, Captain Matthew Baldwin, later a distinguished Virginia judge, performed a most heroic and unselfish deed that nearly brought him disgrace. Recuperating at home from his own serious battle wounds, Captain Baldwin made his way to the nearby battlefield to help the wounded. He brought back to his house the injured of both Confederate and Union forces. Having been seen helping union soldiers the Captain was later mistakenly charged with treason. However, many of the survivors from both the North and the South wrote letters to thank him for what he had done. These letters were to have been used as evidence in his behalf, but the war ended and the trial, which undoubtedly would have exonerated him was never held. Perhaps Captain Baldwin's humanitarian act symbolized the healing of the deeper wounds that the nation had suffered. His stately house and proud daughters hold honored positions in the community.

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