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John Walton is upset when Ben begins to make decisions about the mill, without consulting him. Ben, on the other hand, is upset by John's attitude and moves out of home, into Zuleika Dunbar's boarding house (the old boarding house of Flossie Brimmer) and tries a business venture of his own. He and the Godsey's discuss the possibility of developing an open court, but although they get the loan, and the support of the Waltons Mountain people, with the exception of John Walton, they are not able to go ahead with their development because a War Department has deemed the venture non essential. Not to be stymied though, Ben then proposes that they move some of the housing from the old Guthrie Mine site, which they do. Although it is not the success they had hoped for, they do eventually find tennants for the cottage and Ben returns to the Walton Lumber Mill as manager, with John offering him $25 a week with room and board thrown in.

The subplot has Yancy Tucker earning a Bachelor of Barbering by correspondence. Although Ike presents Yancy with his diploma, and a barber chair, nobody is game to let Yancy show off his skills on them

Recurring Role

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey

Guest Cast


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