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Jason becomes very rundown after taking on too many responsibilities and spreading himself too thin. He is working in a band playing gospel music for a radio station first thing in the morning and playing at dances during the evening. In between he has to answer fan mail for the group as well as fit in his music studies at the Klineberg Conservatory. He also finds himself with a girlfriend, after he rescues her from being hurt by her ex-boyfriend. Gradually he finds that he has no time to do all of these things, and that by not doing any of these things to the best of his ability he is disappointing everyone involved. However he keeps thinking that he has been running after John-Boy all his life and feels that because John-Boy seems to be able to cope with everything, then so should he.

John Boy begins working in the library, helping out to shelve books, but the Librarian there keeps talking to him about changing his major to Librarianship. John Boy tries to tell him that he doesn't really want to do that, but he really doesn't listen to him and John Boy really needs the job.

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