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The family's cow, Chance, gives birth to a healthy calf. However, John tells the family that they must sell the calf to make ends meet. Sure enough, he sells the calf to a local farmer who plans to kill the calve. Elizabeth and Jim-Bob, distraught when they learn of this, decide to try and steal back the calve. John - Boy discovers that they are missing, and goes out with his father, leaving a worried Olivia at home. They find Elizabeth and Jim-Bob, and John tells the children to expect a spanking, However, he says "They'll be no spanking tonight.". Viewers are not informed whether Elizabeth and Jim-Bob recieve a spanking during the next day, but it is assumed that they don't. In the end, the family pay $9.00 for the baby bull calf, and promise to let the boys work for him to pay the other $3.00 (the origional cost was $9.00, but the farmer insisted that he needed $12.00 to pay for the next pen he bought and the food he invested into the bull).

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John (senior): How are the children?

Olivia: They've had some hot food and drink, and a bath. But they're tired. Scared too. They don't deserve a spanking, John, in their eyes it was the right thing to do!

John: (rolls eyes) What I do and say tonight may shape them for the rest of their lives, Liv! But there will be no spanking tonight. It's too late. Call them down!

Olivia: Elizabeth! Jim-Bob!

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