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Poor old Elizabeth is trying to be taught by all her brothers, since John had proclaimed that she can only drive with a responsible adult. She is yelled at firstly by Jim Bob, followed by Ben, then finally Jason has a go. The two who have the most effect though, are the Baldwin sisters, and their driving lesson goes well until Elizabeth manages to stop by driving through the Walton vegetable garden fence. Needless to say, John is not happy.

Corabeth is trying to make sense of her life by trying to make the general store into a glamourous store like she knew back in Doe Hill. Her family is finding her rather erratic at the moment though, but Elizabeth puts this down to the possibility that Corabeth may be going through the change of life. The truth though is that she is having a problem with alcohol. When Ike does not support her efforts, she declares that instead she will become an interior decorator. Finally she decides that she will open a dance school in Rockfish. Ike does not take kindly to the fact that decisions have been made and contracts have been signed, without his consent or knowledge.

It is John and Olivia who begin to suspect that she is drinking, but things come to a head when she is driving home and has run off the road, because she is drunk, and Elizabeth is forced to drive the rest of the way home. John demands to know why Elizabeth is driving. She tries to cover for Corabeth, but it is Aimee tells the truth...that her mother is drunk. Corabeth finally asks for help in dealing with her problem, and Ike and Aimee reaffirm that they will stand by her and help her too.

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