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John-Boy desperately needs to buy a car to enable him to get to and from college. Ike knows of a man, Hyder Rudge, who has a car that he never uses, but it doesn't seem as though he is interested in selling it. John Boy arranges to see the car, and then to do some work around the Rudge home in exchange for the car. When comes to take possession of the car though, Rudge has hidden it. The Rudge's once had a son who has since died and the car was his. Mr Rudge did not want to give the car to anyone else because he felt as though he was losing the last piece of his son. Eventually he comes to realise that if he holds onto the past he will lose his wife and future, and so the car is handed over to John Boy willingly and husband and wife work together to put their lives back together again.

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