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Erin becomes depressed when, during her graduation ceremony, it is commented that nobody really knows what Erin wants to do with her life, it must be a secret! The fact is that Erin herself doesn't know and she is painfully aware that she is the first Walton child to graduate and not know where she is going. She has been working at the telephone exchange for some time now and feels that she doesn't want to make that her career because she would prefer to put faces to the people she speaks with. She looks at her older siblings and compares them to herself: John Boy has a talent for writing, Mary Ellen always knew that she wanted to be a nurse, and Jason has a talent for music. Erin doesn't see a talent at all for herself and she is labeled by the family as being the pretty one. She discovers her future career path by accident though, through John Boy telling her to grow up and think about someone other than herself. She knows that John Boy has been searching for a typewriter to type out his book, as no publisher will read the manuscript unless it is typed. She finds a workable typewriter in the window of a business school and she offers to work as a receptionist and book-keeper for the school in exchange for the typewriter. When John Boy finds her there, he makes her realise that it is the type of work that she is suited to and that she should have training there. As payment for such training he offers the business school free advertising in his newspaper.

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NOTE: Interesting to note just how quickly Erin forgot about her graduation. When we see Jim Bob graduating she comments that her graduation was the best day of her life!


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