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When John suggests to Zeb Walton that he should take life a little easier, especially after his recent heart attack scare, Zeb becomes angry. A friend of Zeb's then asks him to "house sit" for him while he's away, so Grandma and Grandpa leave the Walton home to live in the friend's home. Unfortunately the falling out comes at a time when John needs Zeb's help the most though, as he has a big lumber order to fill, so John is forced to hire an extra worker. This worker proves to be more hindrance than help though, and doesn't last very long. In the meantime Zeb and Esther are finding a big house by themselves very boring but they are stubborn, and won't admit that they would rather be at their own home again. They do finally return home after John visits them and tells Grandpa how much he is needed.

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