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When John Walton realises that he is nearly out of debt, only owing the bank another couple of payments, he goes looking for a big order and gets it. At home he announces that if everyone pitches in and helpswith this order, that the loan can be paid off very soon. He claims that the first thing he wants to do is to get a new truck. The family also plans a party to celebrate the ending of their debts.

At the same time, Ike Godsey has borrowed money to buy some refridgerators that he hopes to sell to the Waltons Mountain folk and earn himself a fair profit. The problem is though, that very few (any?) are being sold, leaving Ike with a huge debt and a lot of refridgerators that nobody wants, or indeed, can use, as not too many people in the area have electricity.

It ends up that just as the Waltons are getting out of debt, the bankers are asking Ike to pay off his loan, which he can't do, so the Walton family go back into debt in order to help Ike out of his money worries.

Corabeth, Mary Ellen and Maude are also kept busy during this episode, trying to decide who would make a good wife for Reverend Hank Buchanan. Maude comments that if she were just a few years younger! but then goes on to suggest Marcia Woolery. Of course Corabeth is outraged that someone even suggested "that sort of girl" as a suitable wife for a Baptist minister. She is even more disturbed when Hank turns up at the Waltons party with Marcia in tow, but Erin is not at all concerned, saying that she has known all along just who Hank will marry

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