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A Jewish family, Professor Mann, his wife Eva, and their son Paul are refugees who have fled from Nazi Germany. They had left Germany because, being Jewish, they had begun to be persecuted, so they try to live in an isolated mountain cabin on Waltons Mountain, in the hope that they will be able to finally have a normal life once more.

When Jim Bob and Ben accidentally use their sling shot and the stone goes through the window, the family begin to believe that they are being persecuted in their new home as well. To try to avoid any further problems they decide that they must pretend that they are not Jewish and that they should no longer observe their Jewish customs. Paul is devastated though, because he has long been looking forward to celebrating his Bar mitzvah on his 13th birthday. After he confides in the Walton children, John Boy sets about helping him to fulfill his dream and finally it is arranged that Paul's special ceremony will be celebrated in the Walton home, with the Mann's new friends present.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • Ellen Geer, playing the role of Eva Mann, makes her first guest appearance in this episode. Ellen is a well respected actress and is, in real life, Will Geer's daughter.


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