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Strange goings on happen in the Walton home as Elizabeth apprensively approaches her 13th birthday. She is torn between the prospect of becoming a woman, or staying a little girl. She is also moody, a fact that her parents discuss and are concerned about, and while Elizabeth secretly listens, a vase moves, falls and breaks. Other similar, strange things continue to happen and Corabeth suggests maybe it is a poltergeist. Things reach crisis point when at Elizabeth's party, Aimee starts telling a ghost story and all sorts of things happen. Olivia tells the frightened Elizabeth that it is she who is controlling all the weird things and that she must let it all go now. Elizabeth confesses to being afraid of growing older and watching her parents grow older and die. When Olivia is able to reassure Elizabeth, things return to normal.

While all this is going on with Elizabeth, Jason has been given the job of being "Cousin George, the man you turn to when you hit a bump on the rocky road of love". People write into him about matters of the heart, and he has to form answers. Because he feels inexperienced, he turns to Mary Ellen and Erin for help. Corabeth turns to "Cousin George" however for help of her own. Corabeth would like to see Ike become more cultured, and Ike isn't at all impressed. Finally Jason becomes uncertain of the advice he is dishing out, and admits to his audience that he is just a country boy with not much life experience. Needless to say, he is out of a job soon after, but his family is proud of him for realising and admitting his inexperience.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • Elizabeth Walton is 13 now
  • NOTE: This is another episode which the Family channel chose not to show. Perhaps it is the ghost content which went against there policy. Who knows. TNN however, have aired it several times.

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