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As Christmas approaches, two young children who are refugees from the London blitz come to stay at Waltons Mountain in the Baldwin sisters home. The pair had been sent by the Baldwin's cousin Hilary. Despite all efforts from those around them to make them feel at home, they remain very aloof, and so they turn to Olivia Walton to ask for her help. They hope that she will be able to take the children into her home for a while, and hope that they might feel more at ease among other children. The children's parents died during the London bombing and young Pip has not spoken since then. The children are finding it hard to trust anyone other than each other now that both their parents are gone. Grandpa even finds it hard to enthuse the pair when selecting a Christmas tree and Elizabeth is also finding them a bit wearing and lashes out at Tess saying that she wished they weren't staying with them.

The war seems to be having repecussions for many in the family. Tess and Pip are testing Olivia's faith, Erin is still upset over G.W.'s death, Jason says that he is no longer playing music because he needs to "toughen up". Jim Bob is busy with a radio he made and talking to Alison in London about the bombing experiences Tess and Pip must have had to endure. Mary Ellen is lonely without Curt and takes John Curtis down to the camp so that she can be nearer to him. Finally a plane flies overhead and while Olivia and Elizabeth are watching it and waving, Tess and Pip have taken off to hide, thinking that it's a bomb attack.

Things become very strained all around. Mary Ellen is frustrated that Curt doesn't have more time to spend with her. She tells him that she is going home and he gives her a camera to take photos of the family for him. Jason is wondering whether he is cut out to be in the military, but John sets him straight and tells him to use his music as an output for his emotions. He sets about writing a special Christmas Carol.

Ben gives up his hard earned savings to give to Verdie after she has been robbed whilst trying to raise money for the war effort. He tells her that he found the money, but she realises that it is his money.

Olivia is frustrated that the children aren't responding at all and things come to a head when the children stow away in the back of a truck, to run away. Elizabeth admits that she had seen them climbing into the back of the truck and John, Olivia and Erin take off after them. They reach the air strip only to find Pip standing in the middle of the runway, with Tess trying to pull him away, but Pip is unable to move because he has a plane heading straight for him. John pulls the pair to safety and finally Pip speaks when he tells Olivia that he was "proper scared".

Christmas morning arrives with Jim Bob yelling to come to the radio, as he has made contact with Alison again. She has a surprise for Pip and Tess. Their mother had been missing after the bombing, and was trying to find the children. She promises to eventually join them in the USA.

The family, and their guests, return inside with joyful hearts, and sing Jason's new Children's Carol

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  • NOTE 1: Sally Boyden, who played the part of the young English girl Tess, in this episode, was a young Australian actress/singer. Before going to America to seek work she was a member of Young Talent Time, a singing and dancing talent quest show for youngsters under 16. A core group of performers were seen on the show each week as the "talent team". Sally was only 7 or 8 when she auditioned and was invited to become a team member. She was a member for about 3 years.
  • NOTE 2: Jeff Cotler, who played the younger brother, Pip, was the younger brother of Kami Cotler, who played Elizabeth in the series. Jeff appeared on several episodes, this role being his largest. Not long after this episode he went on to appear in a series called Struck By Lightening, a sit-com which had a very short and unsuccessful run.

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