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Jason is feeling pressured into making a career choice that he really doesn't want. As the time comes for him to finish high school, his father and grandfather begin making plans to expand their family business. Their idea is that once Jason leaves school he will join the family business full time. However, Jason has been playing some of his own music at school and is being encouraged by Miss Hunter to have music lessons, suggesting he stop by for a chat with Mrs Breckenridge. After playing some of his own compositions for her, she suggests that he consider applying for a scholarship to the Kleinberg Conservatory of Music to study music composition. When Jason broaches the subject with his father though, John's response is that it is not something he can earn a living and support a family doing. It should be regarded as a hobby. Jason takes matters into his own hands though, and sends in his application without his father's consent.

Miss Hunter is also encouraging John Boy to consider writing a novel about the people on Waltons Mountain. It is John Boy who opens John's eyes and makes him reconsider his stance. When John tells Jason that he does give his blessing to him, if that's what he chooses, John Boy becomes very excited and tells his father that he is a remarkable man and that he is now inspired to write that novel which Miss Hunter had suggested.

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Guest Cast


LOOK FOR: The song in this episode, "The Maiden and the Soldier", was written and performed by Jon Walmsley, the actor that plays Jason Walton


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