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As a part of the cost cutting measures being introduced at the Klineberg Conservatory, scholarships are being withdrawn. As a result Jason finds that he has to come up with his tuition fees: $300 for the year's tuition, or in installments of $100, the first payment being expected within a month. He hears of a job for a musician at the Dew Drop Inn, the local bar, and he begins playing the piano and his guitar there each night. Neither his grandmother, nor his mother are very impressed with his new job however, thinking that young Jason will be led astray by all the sinful folk who go there for their entertainment. He also renews his acquaintance with a family he hasn't seen for some time. Seth Turner, Jason's friend who died in The Gift in season 2, had similar aspirations to Jason, wanting to study music and become a musician. Seth's father was a well known musician, who had a band, but he dropped out of music when his son died. In fact the father, Red Turner, had almost lost interest in life altogether, and Jason forms a plan to encourage him to make a comeback, and uses the Dew Drop Inn as the venue.

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