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The Government has ordered that Aunt Martha Corinne and her family, Boone, Wade and Vera, should be evicted from their mountain home because a new highway is planned to cover this land. One night, Boone, Martha Corinne's son and Wade Walton, Boone's grandson, arrive at the Walton home saying that they will fight the eviction and that they expect all Walton folk to help them. A new home has been offered to Martha Corinne, and she goes to see it on the understanding from the local Senator, that no further work will take place while she's away. She goes to stay at the Walton home, while Zeb Walton, and John Boy stay behind in Martha Corinne's home, with Boone, Wade and Vera, to protect it and make sure it is still there, and not bulldozed, when Martha Corinne returns. John Boy and his grandfather have very different ideas about how this sort of conflict should be handled though. John Boy feels that talking is the best way to come to an agreement, while the other Walton menfolk take up rifles and are ready to fight for what is theirs.

The boss of the construction company does indeed go ahead with the planned explosions and Martha Corinne returns to her home when word arrives that they have been double crossed. John Walton takes the matter to the senator and tries to get the commission to understand just what the loss of their home means to such old people. They feel that they have adequately compensated the mountain folk, but John tries to get them to understand that their land means everything to them, and that they really do not understand just why they have to leave what is theirs and their homes that they have had for many years.

After several warnings, the Walton clan barricade the driveway to the land and stand around with their rifles just waiting for the marshalls to come and remove them. John Boy still doesn't believe that shooting is the way to come to an agreement, and he puts down his rifle and races towards the sheriff's car. He is knocked out of the way, and several shots are fired by both the law enforcers and the Walton men. John Boy makes one last effort to talk, but is shot trying to accomplish this. That is all the old Martha Corinne can take though, and she orders her family to pack up and leave quietly.

Recurring Role

Guest Cast


  • Wade and his wife, Vera, return again during season 4 in The Estrangement.
  • NOTE 2: Beulah Bondi returned in her role as Martha Corinne in The Pony Cart during season 5.
  • NOTE 3: We discover from this episode that Henry Walton was Martha Corinne's husband and lived from 1845-1921. He was the father of Boone and Henry Jr. Martha Corinne is said in this episode to have died in 1939 and Boone in 1943.
  • NOTE 4: The Nelson County Drama Foundation, based in Virginia, requested that Jeb Rosebrook adapt his teleplay so that it may be performed in the theatre. From the second season publicity sheet, put out by Nelson County, Virginia they say:
  • "It is the summer of 1936, John Walton's cousin Boone and Boone's grandson, Wade, arrive at Walton's mountain with a call to arms. Their land high in the Blue Ridge has just been condemned to make way for the Blue Ridge Parkway, and they have been told to "pack up and relocate". But Boone's mother, Martha Corinne, is determined to stay and fight, and Boone carries a message for Grandpa, John and John-Boy: "You come up there to fight with us. You be there. Tomorrow...Bring your rifles." The play begins..."
  • This particular season was performed at the outdoor setting of the Mountain Cove Vineyards and Winegarden


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