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John Boy is currently serving in London, as an army reporter with the Stars and Stripes newspaper, and both Ben and Jim Bob also wish to follow his lead and join up. Ben is told by his father that he is needed at the mill though, and Jim Bob is simply too young to join up, so he heads off to get an army tattoo. His parents aren't too happy when he finally tells them, and John reminds him that he will need to live with the tattoo, and his mother's opinion of it, for the rest of his life.

On the other hand, Jason is being pressured to join up, but is trying to put off the decision until he graduates. He is concerned about the possibility of having to kill another man, and Mary Ellen discusses the possibility of his becoming a conscientious objector, given his feelings. Ben is upset about Jason's decision, and when two local boys overhear Jason's plan, they begin taunting him and eventually Ben forces the issue and a fight breaks out.

Jason is torn between doing what he feels is right, or going along with what everyone else is doing. John discusses his own feelings of killing during war times, and also reminds him that Zeb also fought in a war, and mentioned the reasons why. With this food for thought, Jason heads up the mountain and finally comes to decision that he will finish College, then will join up in the army.

Recurring Role

Joe Conley as Ike Godsey

Guest Cast


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