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Recurring Role

Opening Journal Quote

I like to think back on my boyhood because though the times we lived in were hard, the life we lived was good. We were never hungry, for food was plentiful, we took it from the land, but still there was a lack of material things, and I remember with wonderment the way my parents wove the magic around us that kept us from ever feeling poor.


Olivia becomes very excited when she has the chance to be a door to door salesperson, selling bubbling skin beautifier. She is very successful and sells all of her kit to her neighbors. The Baldwin's bought several bottles because they need extra jars for the recipe and Ike Godsey is waiting on a shipment, Flossie Brimmer buys one for Miss Hunter's birthday and another for herself, and Maude Gormley watches the demonstration, wonders where the bubbles are, then promptly buys some as the tarnished bowl is no longer tarnished. Olivia manages to sell the entire kit and returns home feeling successful, but tired and ill. She has become pregnant again.

When she visits the doctor to confirm the pregnancy, she is quite insulted when he comments that she is no longer a "spring chicken". She is happy about the baby, but she is also depressed when she considers the cost of feeding another mouth and the time this baby will take to care for. Erin suggests that they have a baby shower for her to help cheer her up and they all begin preparing their gifts. Mary Ellen makes shirts, Erin makes a blanket, Elizabeth gives up her rag doll, Jason makes a rattle and John Boy makes a cradle. Ben and Jim Bob decide that they will sell the rest of Olivia's samples so that she can have some time to rest. They find this a bit hard though, especially after a demonstration at Mrs. Breckenridge causes a white hanky to turn green.

Olivia learns to take it easy and begins to look forward to having a new baby around the house again, when she suddenly miscarries. She blames herself saying that she should have taken better care of herself. Grandpa makes her feel better though when he tells her that's taking the easy way out, and she really just needs to get up and go on and recover with time. He trots off to get her another cup of tea and says that if she weren't such a good Baptist he would consider putting a little drop of something in with it. Gradually she comes to terms with their loss and we are told that the Walton children provided their parents with many grandchildren over the years.

Ending Journal Quote

As the years went on and we all went our separate ways, we were to provide my mother and father with so many grandchildren that their lives were never without the sound of a baby or a growing child's voice. And all those grandchildren were beneficiaries of the extraordinary love that was given to us during those years we spent on Waltons Mountain.



  • Olivia: Mary Ellen, do you still want to take dancing lessons?
  • Erin: If she does I want to, too.
  • Elizabeth: Me, too.
  • Olivia: Now children, Mary Ellen asked first.
  • John: Hang some lessons, there's a perfectly good piano downstairs, why doesn't somebody learn to play that?
  • Erin: Yuck!
  • Elizabeth: Me, too, yuck!
  • Olivia: What would you rather do, Mary Ellen?
  • Mary Ellen: Neither, Mama, I just started reading about Florence Nightingale, I think I'd like to be her.
  • Olivia: That sound's sensible.
  • Mary Ellen: And heroic, too. Goodnight, Mama, goodnight, Erin.
  • Erin: Florence Nightingale! Yuck! Goodnight Mary Ellen , goodnight Elizabeth.
  • Elizabeth: Yuck! Goodnight, everybody.

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