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Mary Ellen awakes to find that Nurse Nora, the district nurse who looks after all the mountain people, has been called into service and she has asked Mary Ellen to take over her rounds for her, while waiting for a replacement to come. Meanwhile Olivia is very busy herself, filling in as a school teacher. John, however, is being queried by the army intelligence, who can find no record of him ever having graduated from high school. If John wants to continue doing business with the army, he needs to find his diploma to prove that he did graduate.

Although Mary Ellen has spent all her life in Waltons Mountain, the people she visits in her travels as the nurse, are very back woods people who are very suspicious of modern ways, and Mary Ellen's modern medecine. It takes a great deal of patience and understanding on Mary Ellen's part before her methods are finally accepted by the mountain folk.

Back at home, John continues to search everywhere for his high school diploma. He remembers going straight into the army after graduation, and a graduation photo with he and a fellow classmate in their uniforms is unearthed, dated April 6th, 1917. They think this must be wrong though, as it's too early for graduation to have taken place. For her part, Olivia discovers some old records kept by the Principal of the time, which lets them know that the Principal was supposed to complete the graduation details for John and his classmate, but it appears that this was never formally done. Olivia suggests that the best thing to do is to sit an equivalancy test, which John does, although he finds the studying difficult and is not at all confident that he has passed. When he walks into his home, however, there is a party celebrating his success.

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The usual ending narration and goodnights were omitted at the end of this episode.

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