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Cousins of the Waltons, Ham Denby, wife Cora, and son Job move in with the family on Waltons Mountain, after they have failed to make a go of it on their land in Kansas. There was no rain and the land just "blew away". Ham and his son though are also dishonest and try to get what they can out of everybody, even to the extent of stealing from Ike. Even though the Walton family are struggling financially themselves, they feel that it is their duty to take in the homeless relatives, but emphasise that the arrangement will only be temporary. Ham keeps saying that he is expecting news of a job by the end of the month.

Once he is living at the house though, Ham becomes very settled and does not want to leave. Instead he has his eye on working John Boy's Meadow. When he finds out that the land was originally divided equally among the Walton children, that is Zeb's brothers and sisters, he wonders what happened to Cora's father's share of the land, and feels that he and his family is entitled to it. Further conflict arises when Job is found to be causing trouble for Mary Ellen and becomes involved in a fight with John Boy. Erin too, has noticed that Ham has stolen from Ike, and unfortunately, the letter regarding the promised job never arrives. By this time Cora feels that they have caused enough of a strain between the Walton family and that their welcome has been worn out so the family pack their things and leave.

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  • This episode was won an award given by the Directors Guild of America for the Best Direction in a Dramatic Series.


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